Why I'm Here

I'm here to tell you about Jesus

Right out of high school I became a youth pastor.  From 2004 - 2011  I worked at a Baptist church with the youth group.  The people were nice and treated me well.  Jesus started coming to me in my dreams and while I prayed.  He called me to quit my job and preach His gospel for free.  Want to know what His message was?

What Jesus said to me

Most pastors are preaching for money or fame, but Jesus told me to; "Preach the gospel free of charge."  Jesus called me to warn people everywhere that He is coming and most people including Christians are NOT prepared for His coming.  Do you think you are ready?  

Are you Real or Fake?

Jesus is the Rock that religion has rejected.  Jesus said the wise man build his house on the Rock but the foolish built his house on sand.  Find out where your house is REALLY built and get ready to rebuild EVERYTHING!

Hear God NOT Just voices in your head

Some people report hearing voices in their head.  Are these voices trying to lead them? Is it God?  Find out how to hear God clearly!

Best Advice I Can Give You to Hear God!

Anything that is worth anything takes time and hard work.  Many people spent 4 to 8 years in college to make a career for themselves, yet many Christians don't spent 4 to 8 minutes in prayer to get to KNOW their Savior. 

God's Judgment is Coming For Sure

Because people love darkness and not God, God is going to punish this world and many more disasters will take place.