Depression NO JESUS: My Testimony

How Jesus brought me out of depression and a bad relationship. 

How Jesus Called me OUT of Church

From 2004-2011 I worked at a Baptist Church as a paid youth pastor.  Watch to see how Jesus came to me and called me OUT of church all together to preach the gospel FREE OF CHARGE!

Not Just a "Voice in My Head" As They Say

Some people have criticized me and said that I just hear voices in my head. Jesus does not speak into our head as some suppose but speaks into the bottom of our heart and convicts our conscience. 

An Angel Showed Me Times I Spoke for Jesus

Around 2011 I was convicted to leave my Baptist Church.  I was praying to Jesus if I was pleasing to Him and making the right decision.  Watch to see what happened as an angel showed me what happens when we stand UP for Jesus and His Truth! 

Learn To Hear GOD Speak

Want to know how to have a two way conversation with God? Listen to my personal testimony how!